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Handwriting and letter formation

Fluent, neat and joined handwriting relies on letters being formed in the correct way and from the correct starting point. At Someries Infant School we ensure that children are all taught this consistently by teaching weekly short and focused handwriting sessions.

To support the development of handwriting, the school uses handwriting guidelines in all writing books, as well when modelling writing in lessons on flip chart paper and interactive whiteboard backgrounds.

Pupils are taught how to form each letter according to the guide below from when they are developmentally ready in nursery or reception. It is important children form each letter correctly as this will support them well when they begin to join their handwriting in year two.

Pre-handwriting skills

During their time in nursery and reception, pupils engage in a range of adult and pupil led activities to develop their gross and fine motor skills in preparation for holding mark making tools and writing. Opportunities for pupils to strengthen their core, coordination, stability and upper body stength are planned through regular short movement sessions as well as through play in our learning environment.

When developmentally appropriate pupils in the early years begin learning the correct letter formation patterns by ‘airwriting’ and using large movements to draw with chalk or paint to support them in embedding correct starting points and directional flow.

Please encourage your child to use the correct letter formation when completing homework activities or any other writing activities at home (for example writing greetings cards).