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Thriving at three

Thriving at three!

Early Childhood Education

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The adults in nursery create an atmosphere for me to initiate play with my peers and support me in learning to share and take turns. The adults around me will help me to understand what is safe, when I should ask for help or what I can try to do by myself. They will help me get to know how to play and interact with my friends and to know that sometimes things can upset others. They will also give me the courage to take chances in my play and be brave in new situations and when meeting new people.

I will have the choice every day to play in our indoor and outdoor classrooms. In our outdoor classroom, I can build, ride bikes and play pretend cooking. I will learn about the environment and how to look after living things through our natural areas and wildlife pond – the adults around me will encourage me to look up and take notice of what is around me. In nursery I can develop my motor skills and imagination by playing in our unique block play room alongside my friends. I have opportunities to experience wonder-evoking workshops connected to our Prime Learning Challenge curriculum and creative exploration in our bespoke Atelier.

The adults around me will give me confidence to choose my own activities by providing all of the materials I need and they will show me routines and boundaries, sometimes giving me special jobs to do. The adults will provide vast opportunities to support my language development by singing counting songs, rhymes and reading stories that I can join along with by reciting some of the text. They will model language and extend my words into sentences and teach me new vocabulary through experiences and play.

My parents or carers will be involved in my learning by sharing my achievements from home and helping me complete my Home Book during each holiday, I will use this to show my friends and teachers what I have been doing with my family. The adults will provide my parents and carers with regular information about my progress and development. They will also be invited into nursery so I can share my experiences with them.