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The Compass

The Compass

Our SEND base

Someries Infant School and Early Childhood Education Centre operates a SEND Base called The Compass for some of our pupils with an education, health and care plan and others who require a more bespoke education model.

The Compass aims to provide a bespoke education model to enable pupils to meet their academic and social potential. Each pupil has a personalised timetable and education programme within their mainstream class and The Compass. This is agreed with staff and parents and carers through the child’s Personalised Support Plan (PSP), is dependent on each pupil’s needs and adapts as the pupil develops. Pupils benefit from accessing tailored technologies that support their communication and their early reading and writing development.

The Compass is an inclusive space designed and equipped to support pupils with various additional needs. This can include pupils with a diagnosis of autism, speech and language difficulties or pupils who present with challenges in their social interactions. The Compass is needs-led not diagnosis-led.

Pupils attending The Compass are taught by the school’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator who works closely alongside mainstream class teachers to create individual programmes to reflect each pupil’s Personalised Support Plan (PSP) outcomes and to address any barriers to their working within the mainstream class.

Our vision is that pupils who access The Compass will be equally supported to be fully-integrated members of their mainstream class and a part of our school community. As such, pupils access The Compass on a blended basis and remain part of their base class throughout their time at Someries Infant School and Early Childhood Education Centre.

The Compass is situated in our main school building and comprises a main class space and a safe outdoor space that is accessible from the school’s playground.

The Compass is accessible through the main school building or via its own external entrance.

The Compass is not a local authority-approved SEND resource provision. Its operation is funded directly by Someries Infant School and Early Childhood Education Centre to meet the needs of pupils allocated a place at the school through its usual admissions process. Pupils can be admitted to The Compass if Someries Infant School and Early Childhood Education Centre is named on their Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan.