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Our Journey

Striving to be the best we can be, every day

At Someries Infant School and Early Childhood Education Centre, we are are continually striving to improve who we were yesterday

Every aspect of our actions is specifically linked to our school development plan, and we ensure our identified priorities are addressed by every team member in various ways throughout the school.

We encourage you to explore our website to discover more about our vision for the school and the course we are taking to achieve our aims.


All children deserve the best – the best education, the best pastoral care and the best learning environment. Someries Infant School and Early Childhood Education Centre exists to provide the best possible early years and key stage one education available. Everything we do is in the interests of children. We have high expectations for every child.


Drawing from extensive educational research into high quality teaching and learning, our curriculum intends to provide an education for the whole child and is informed by strong values which emphasise equality, equity, compassion and community in which everyone’s voice is welcome and valued. We have established these child-led introductions to help give parents and carers a flavour of the experiences their child will be involved in if they attend our school.


Everything we do as an organisation is underpinned by our twelve core values. We continually challenge thinking about teaching so that we inspire learning through the principles of discovery, exploration and creativity and we are respected and admired because our pupils live our values and embody our two simple rules: work hard, and be nice to people.