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Celebrating Achievements

Celebrating achievements

At Someries Infant School and Early Childhood Education Centre, we recognise children's achievements; both inside and outside of school. We ensure that all children are congratulated when they work hard and are nice to people.

The award system recognises and values pupils’ hard work and moral understanding, and gives them a sense of achievement.

Ofsted, 2017

Achievement Awards

Every Monday, each Class Teacher chooses two Achievers from their class. These are children who have achieved something special that week. In our weekly Achievement Assembly, Achievers are invited to share with the whole school why they have been chosen and what they have achieved.

Achievers receive a special certificate to share with their family at home and wear a special Achievers Band throughout the week.

Be There Bear

Be There Bear, who was named by our children, is presented to the class with the highest attendance each week during our weekly Achievement Assembly. Be There Bear spends the week with the successful class and is dressed in our school uniform.

At the end of each term, we hold a special Attendance Assembly. A certificate and badge is presented to every child who has had 100% attendance at these assemblies. We also present certificates to those children who reach 100% attendance for the whole academic year.

Values Champions

Every Monday, Mr Scott chooses Values Champions at our weekly Achievement Assembly.

Our Values Champions are those children who have been recognised as ‘living our values’ in all aspects of their life, both in and out of school. Children become Values Champions based on nominations from others.

All of our Values Champions receive a special certificate and a badge which they wear with pride.

Our Golden Book of Learning

Our Golden Book of Learning is used to celebrate excellence throughout the school.

When class teachers recognise a child has completed a piece of really excellent work, they send them to Mr Scott or Mr Millington to share and explain their learning. Their name and photograph are then entered into our Golden Book of Learning.

Each page of our Golden Book is filled with examples of the excellent learning that has been achieved by our pupils so far.

As well has having their name permanently written in our Golden Book, pupils also receive a special sticker to share their good news with their family at home.