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My Learning Is Alive & I Am Nearly Five!

My learning is alive and I am nearly five!

Early Childhood Education

During my reception year, my teachers aim to inspire, motivate and challenge me as I set off on my journey in school. I will play and learn in a vibrant and inclusive environment that reflects Someries Infant School’s vision and supports the progression of my skills as I begin a life-long love of learning.

The Prime Learning Challenge curriculum is delivered through wonderful experiences provided for me. I will have so much fun whilst I learn through a mix of dynamic, hands-on experiences, supported by the adults who look after me. My teachers want me to become an independent learner so I am empowered to lead my own learning. My learning will be enhanced with well planned activities and carefully selected resources. I will have time to work in small groups for adult-led activities such as phonics, mathematics and writing. This helps me to practise what I need to learn because my teachers give me personalised feedback.

My teachers understand that the environment contributes to my sense of safety and wellbeing and this has an important role in supporting my learning. In order for me to excel, I must feel safe, secure and happy, both physically and emotionally. The teachers in my class will encourage my independence and will nurture my confidence and self-esteem. Our indoor and outdoor classrooms promote open-ended play where I will be encouraged to explore the stimulating resources whilst I participate in effective learning through play with my friends. I am able to learn about the natural world around me and the changing seasons through working alongside adults to tend to our school allotment and by exploring our wildlife pond (it is extremely exciting to find newts and harvest carrots in the summer!)

Resources are carefully chosen to connect with my interests and provide opportunities to safely experience risk and challenge, whilst also developing my natural curiosity to investigate and extend my ideas, over time.

In addition to my exciting day-to-day learning, Reception also offers inspiring enhancements to create new experiences and bring learning to life. Throughout my time in Reception, I work closely with adults in our woodwork studio. These adults teach me new skills in using tools and managing my own safety to design and create my own models.

I regularly work with my friends in our unique Atelier space where I am able to work collaboratively on large scale artwork, engage with stimulating provocations and develop my experiences of creative mediums and techniques.

Visitors and workshops help me to discover new curiosities and passions. My imagination and thinking will also be challenged through provocations and reflections as part of our Prime Learning Challenges.

I will also learn about rhythm, pitch and performance through music lessons with my specialist teacher and will have opportunities to play different instruments, explore how my body can move to music and practice and perform songs.

Weekly physical education lessons help me to develop my gross motor skills, agility and sportsmanship by working with my peers.