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Inspire Days


We host regular Inspire Days at our school for professionals from other schools and settings

Visiting colleagues can choose from a selection of focused packages during these days or half days which are listed below. These focused packages enables us to ensure that the time spent in our school is purposeful. Our Inspire Days provide opportunities for colleagues from other schools and settings to see learning in action, meet with leaders, teachers and pupils, look at pupils’ books, explore relevant resources and enjoy a tour of our learning environments.

Inspire Day packages include:

  • Our Prime Learning Challenge Curriculum
  • Our approach to Early Childhood Education
  • Our approach to Key Stage One Education
  • Our approach to the teaching of phonics and early reading
  • Our approach to the teaching of writing
  • Our approach to the teaching of mathematics
  • Our Life Curriculum


Cost of Inspire Day packages

All of our Inspire Day packages can be planned as half-day or full-day visits. The costs below include associated documentation and resources to take away and use in your own school to support and build on learning from your visit.

Length Cost
Half day £500
Length Cost
Full day £750

These costs apply to groups of up to ten people. For groups of ten or more, there will be an additional charge of £50 for each extra person attending a half-day Inspire Day and a £75 charge for each extra person attending a full-day visit.

Note on costs: Costs may increase or otherwise vary throughout the academic year.

Note: We only facilitate visits on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Bespoke visits

If you would like to visit our school and focus on an aspect of teaching, learning or school leadership that falls outside the visit packages outlined above, bespoke visits can be arranged. Visit agendas are tailored to individual schools so that they make a tangible impact and these visits are costed individually.