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At Someries Infant School and Early Childhood Education Centre, we are fortunate to have our own allotment which enables us to improve pupils’ understanding of how food is grown and where food comes from.



Pupils utilise our allotment site throughout the entire school year to learn about tending to the crops which they grow over a period of time. By returning to this project throughout the year, pupils develop a true sense of responsibility for the fruits and vegetables they have nurtured from seed to plate.

This area enables pupils to gain real-life experiences and supports their engagement and application of the science and design technology curricula. Through our allotment project we are also able to develop pupils’ understanding of sustainable living and our pupils are always especially enthusiastic when learning about the insects we find in the allotment and the important roles they play to this particular ecosystem.

Being outdoors and engaging in this project is incredibly beneficial to pupils’ mental health and wellbeing. Pupils work collaboratively to achieve a shared goal over a sustained period of time and they feel a great sense of achievement when harvesting the produce they have grown.

The food grown on the school’s allotment is used in the school’s kitchen to enhance lunchtime meals, our salad bar and to provide healthy snack options for pupils in class. We believe this enables pupils to develop an understanding of where their food comes from and encourages them to try new foods made with the produce they have grown and harvested.