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Ready For More! It’s Great Being Four!

Ready For More! It's Great Being Four!

Early Childhood Education at Nursery


The adults around me will create a stimulating and structured environment that will captivate my imagination and encourage me to investigate and explore the learning opportunities provided for me. I will be able to choose equipment independently through a well-resourced and organised classroom, which will provoke me to ask questions. I can create and explore in our Atelier using my senses and new or familiar materials which interest me to represent what is important to me. Inspiring workshops and visits are hands-on and bring my learning to life; they make connections with my Prime Learning Challenge inquiries and provide me with life-long memories and experiences.

The adults around me will help extend my vocabulary through play, and new experiences, and they will allow me to overcome problems without becoming angry or upset. Through effective questioning, the adults around me will help me learn to speak in longer sentences. They will teach me songs, rhymes and stories, and I will be familiar with a range of Traditional Tales that I will be able to join in with by knowing some parts of the story by heart. I will also have fun joining in with singing, exploring and playing instruments with our specialist music teacher each week.

The adults around me will encourage me to look at books, and they will read them to me, and I will use actions, story maps and repetition to help me remember these. They will teach me listening skills and some initial sounds which I will be able to recognise by sight. I will learn to count up to ten, and the environment will allow me to recognise and recite numbers up to ten. Through play, I will learn to use words like ‘up’, ‘down’, ‘under’ and ‘over’ to say where things are and follow directions. The adults will make sure that I can go to the toilet all by myself and wash my hands.

The adults around me are so proud of everything that I can do.

Look at all I have done – watch out, Reception – here I come!