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School Parliament

School Parliament

Our School Parliament is a group of pupils who have been elected by their classmates to represent the views of all pupils at Someries Infant School and Early Childhood Education Centre and help improve our school.

Our members of School Parliament

Our School Parliament will be elected by the peers during our General Election in October 2021.

Class Members of School Parliament
Ruby Bridges Elena Spencer
David Attenborough Anna Ellis
Kare Adenegan Erin Thomas
Michael Rosen Eliza Aaron
Alan Turing Connor Lauren
Mary Anning Josephine Jacob

Our General Elections

Every October, we hold a General Election in school in which our pupils vote to elect our new School Parliament. Our School Hall is transformed into a polling station in which our pupils cast their vote at our own bespoke polling station and post it in a real ballot box! All pupils take their votes very seriously and live our value of responsibility very well.

School Parliament